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Vefify your listings on the Major Search Engines! As the owner of an online website business, it’s imperative that your website is not only set up properly, but also that you present a level of credibility to the visitors that come to your website in hopes of turning them into customers.

That being said…we have recently launched a new program that will help increase your credibility, exposure, and ultimately conversions! MBV now has the capability of not only submitting your site to the search engines, but to have your website officially “verified” by Google, Yahoo, and Bing!

Your business is our business.

Website Verification Service

After we obtain the necessary verifications from Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we will add the logo below to your site, letting customers know that your site has been verified as legitimate by the 3 biggest search engines in the world!

This is a very important step in creating a comfortable shopping experience for your potential customers.  The logos above are known worldwide and once your website visitors recognize that you are in fact a verified business, you will have a much better chance at getting sales!

In addition, your Search Engine Submissions (SES) will now receive priority submission status over “non-verified” websites.  Therefore the search engine submissions will be much more effective!

You work hard to get people to visit your site, it is imperative to make it as shopper friendly, secure, and inviting as possible?

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MBV Advantages

Increase Traffic

Higher traffic means higher chances of conversion

Look Established

Higher ranking show that you are an established business

Preferred Submission Status

Get priority listings over competitors

Become a Verified Business

Prove you are a verified web business

Google, Yahoo, & Bing

Submitting and verifying with the big search engines

24/7 Support

24/7 customer service and help desk